My Heartache Song..

November 19, 2010
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My Favorite Heartache Song Lyrics:

The Pain Inside is Real
Deeper than i’ve ever known,
This Heartache that i feel,
With truth is always shown,
The wounds and battle scars,
that won’t ever seem to heal,
Will fade away in time,
for now ill have to deal.

The Darkness in the Skies,
Had never passed me by,
There ragging dark storm clouds
are reflected in your eyes,
The Deep Saddened Plea,
of your lies made my heart bleed
Leaves me with the Question..
Why did you think i couldn’t

Did you think i didn’t recognize what was wrong?
i noticed the pain in your smile..
Do you know you made a fool of me, making me belong
you know it only lasted for a while..
When You Left me, You left me Crying and all alone,
The Emptiness left me dying, hardened like a stone.
But i became strong, and i have moved on.. But now you say you want me back, but i’m already gone..
and you’ll be missing me tonight..and while your waiting by the phone,i’ll call the radio man and To your Broken Heart i request.
My Favorite Heartache Song.

Boy, You said you wouldn’t miss me..
That you wanted to be free..
and now you Neal here in front of me
begging on your knees..
but it’s still too late
and i’ve made up my mind..
Why didn’t i see it
before, how could
i have been so

I recognized what was wrong,
I knew it all along,
You made a fool of me,
You were the fool, you were the key,
You left me broken and alone, crying
over you, but now you want me back
and to my own heart i shall stay
true. The Worst mistake of my life
was ever meeting you..

You’ll never be my faithful,
you’ll never be that kind..
and i put you in the
past.. my tears no longer fall
and now your chosen last.
you never cross my mind at all.
if your heart is truly strong
To your Broken Heart i Request
My Favorite Heartache Song..
My heartache is at last at rest.

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