Those Days

November 15, 2010
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Listinging to the romantics
Bopping my head up and down
Wearing my silly bunny PJ's
And the Bunny ears i wear like a crown...
I feel like a little princess
Skipping up and down my halls
My favorite snack sitting in the microwave
Dinner was spagetti and meatballs
Humming to myself as i gather my clothes
Some song nobody knows
Singing out loud in the shower
Stepping out and dancing in baby powder
Goodnight moon, i remember every line
And say it along with daddy as he kisses me goodnight
I close my eyes and dream without a fight
And dream of fairy tales and happy endings
Ah... Those were the days
Listinging to manic monday
With my head way up in the clouds
My english paper sitting in front of me
While i dream...
Bangles echo in my ears
Vanilla Ice drys off my tears
Cyndi Lauper dancing with me as the years pass by
Mary Jane Girls hanging round my house
My fears of the lost year go away
I wish i could go abck to when i was little
And live innocence all over again
Where i didnt have to make amends
Before i knew a broken heart
And found out about Santa Clause
Before i lost my baby bunny to the clarks car across the street
Before i had to worry about making all ends meet...!
Running through the house in my bare feet...

Bunny ears are sliding off
Hugging my pillow tightly
I tell mommy and daddy
Baby bunny just had a bad dream...
Hush little bunny dont say a word
Daddys gonna buy you a mocking bird
And if that mocking bird dont sing
Prince Eric will buy you a diamond ring...
I wake up from my dream
My paper is still due
My dreams havent come true
But at least tomorow at school i will see you...

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