A Day In The Teenage Life

October 27, 2010
Have you ever wondered?
What it would be like,
in the day of a teenage life?
Full of crazy drama and fights.
Wondering what will happen,
After you fall asleep tonight.
When you and your best friend get into a fight,
and you go to sleep mad at them,
but the next morning you find out they didn’t survive their flight.
Would you feel bad knowing you ended saying I hate you,
before you ended the fight, or would you think that’s what they deserved.
Just because they stole your boyfriend or girlfriend and it got your nerves.
Do ever think that people think you’re a nerd because the name of the school that they heard,
but really all you are is a kid that wants to be understood regardless of your skin color or,
neighborhood. But really you don’t care if they say you’re a nerd because at the end of the day,
them calling you a nerd will be a simple non-hurtful word because you’ll be flying oh so high like
A bird in the sky so high, they can’t even be heard. So say your mean words because while I’m
rich and successful you may be someone raking some one's dirt, or maybe worse.
So go ahead go to school and be classified as a nerd because having no education’s the worse
Living paycheck-to-paycheck, house-to-house, and whatever else you must do to make it
through. Yes these are also just words but it’s word to the wise listen or not
It will lead to your success or demise don’t be another repeat of a person that
Wasted their life you must rise and make something of yourself so it can be seen in every one's
eyes. Live a life with no screams, no cries, no lies, the only lie is what life is interpreted to be.
What you have to come to realize is unlike a story nothing is given it needs to be taken
Yes school is an opportunity but it’s up to me to receive an education and be,
the best I can be I’ll be damned if I let a street life take over and concur me
to stop me from what I plan to achieve.

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bound4life4ever This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 26, 2010 at 11:13 am
UH-mazing1 i loved this! especially cuz ppl call me a nerd nd i tell them the same thing: that ill b the rich one nd they b w no education! lol nice work!
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