October 29, 2010
Do you know
How much I want to tell you
I try everyday
But my knees are shaking
And my head is aching
All I do is sing about you
I need some new lyrics
To make me less confused

I don't wanna loose your friendship
I don't wanna risk it all
I don't wanna fall too hard
But I gotta tell you about the way I feel
Don't know why I can't
This is more than just a crush

I imagine you were mine
And act like it's nothing
It's not working
I need to let you know
About the way I feel
Or else you'll be gone
I don't try, I'll be left here to cry

Repeat Chorus

If I'm left heartbroken
I don't wanna seem uneven
Are you untouchable to me
Tell me what I need to be
To get you to want me

Repeat Chorus

Tell me what I need to do
To not be scared of you
I can't keep it locked inside
I wanna let it out
But I can only show what's outside
Not what's on my mind

Repeat Chorus

This is more than just a crush

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