All About Me

October 31, 2010
I look in the mirror,and what do I see?
My big nose, my small toes, my odd eyes, my acnized forehead,my messy hair, it looks like me!
I see girls in the locker room. They complain about how they look, but i think they look fine.
I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
My double chin, my wrinkled red shins, my runny make up, my funny wake up face, it looks like me!
But I don't care what anybody else thinks, they can tell their problems to their shrinks.
He says I look beautiful, and I believe him.
So What do I see now?
My mothers nose, my fathers toes, my diamond eyes, and as for acne? Who cares! My double chin and wrinkled shins are all in my head!
Yeah, my make up runs but so does yours. And my messy hair? I think I'll keep it that way , 'cause its me!

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