A broken girls anthem

October 31, 2010
There might be a trick up my sleeve
Everything coming out of my mouth makes it seem...
Like were meant to be.
This is a fairytale.
This is a wonderland.
This is a crazy feeling that is happening.

Come on over and walk my way towards this chair,
I bet you spotted me across the place from way over there.
Now baby I may be a lil slow
But I aint got blonde hair.
Let me trip and stumble right into your arms,
Let me tell you I love you, turn on my charm.
Whats the point of this happenin if we aint gonna last?
Ive been in this position many times, its called my dirty past.
Looking back now I could have saved myself some hurt,
But now Im saving myself by kicking these feelings for you out on the curve.

Whats the point in falling in love?
We could just push out feelings asside.
Just hook up for one night,
Buckle up and get ready for the ride.
Oh yeah.

See your just a boy I met,
And see boy I just havent developed strong feelings for you just yet.
I'm hoping.
Im waiting.
Im sure hessitating.

That this loves fonna break through my shell
I put up arms and act all tuff girl if you couldnt tell.
I really just dont want to get hurt
But baby if we do this quick or love aint gotta be assured.

This might be a good thing
Spare me the details I dont even want to know your full name
Past jerks from my ex-relationships are to blame,
Because I really thing you could be my one and only
But Im scared youll leave me scared and lonely
So lets spare the connection,
Just save my heart, Im only doing this for my own protection.

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