Letting Go

October 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse 1:
Lookin' in to his eyes, he forgets me.
Like a light erasing dark, I vanish from her memory.
And I wonder if he even cares, or if he'll ever love me, it truly isn't fair.
Everyone is better, and it doesn't even matter what I do or say, I'll never change your way.
Unable to hide myself from you.
I'm gettin' crushed and she knows it to.
But you both keep lyin' and tryin' to hide me from what I shouldn't know, Jus' let it go.
Verse 2:
Him holding her, is like a nightmare replaying,
It's tearing me down and I can't stop this feeling.
Why can't I realize I'll never mean a thing to him, Just a friend.
Trying to change myself for you.
No need you never notice anything.
Now I've found who I really am.
You don't love her it's only a sham.
You'll break her heart like you broke mine.
She will cry to me, I will be the friend she never could be.
Verse 3:
YOu deserve her, and she deserves you.
YOu'll say that you love her 'till you find someone new.
Finding myself, jus letting go.
But I'll always know.
I'll always know.

The author's comments:
The one guy that you like but know you will never have who likes your friend. That boy was my inspiration.

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