My Love Goes

September 15, 2010
By Heart2Heart PLATINUM, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Heart2Heart PLATINUM, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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Glowing in the night sun
I see you and I'm overcome
By this feeling I can't hide
Something growing deep inside
Roaring for life...
It's roaring for life...

My heartbeat's racing
My mind is pacing itself...
My eyes are wandering
But they keep fixing on you...

What do I do
How do I contain it
Where is it coming from
How do I say it
What do I do....

Chorus: I'll draw my heart on a piece of paper
And just like a letter, I'll slip it in your pocket
Just keep it a secret, no one ever has to know
Cause wherever you go, my love goes...
My love goes... (2x)

I'm staring at my clock and it's two A.M
Cause I'm stuck with thinking about you over and over again
These daydreams are makin' me wish
You were right here...
With bloodshot eyes and a smile so wide
I whisper your name

Over and over
You're in my head....
(repeat chorus)

I'm counting the days
And the seconds and the hours
That you are away
And I'm wasting my time with the little things
Just to make sure you're the best thing around...

I'll say sweet nothings
To make you feel
Like you are something
But you know you are
You know you are...
You know you are...
(repeat chorus 2x)

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