Runaway Love

September 22, 2010
By cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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You know I love the way you smile
When I pass you, you look back
And I don’t even care
I just put on a little act
That I don’t like you
It doesn’t matter
That you don’t roll through my mind
While I’m sitting around just wasting time
Thinking and thinking about why I can’t express
This feeling inside
Deep down I really like you and now my life’s a mess
Because you stole my heart
And soul
And when I look at you I just give my eyes a roll
And then you leave
Probably thinking about me
And why I act so mean
Toward you
When you’re just trying to be nice
I blow you off
Just keep walking
Like nothing ever happened
Now I pay the price
Of you walking away
Like I did back in the day
But now I’m starting to believe
There could be something going on with you and me
But there’s no question about it
I spent too much time pretending
And now that I’m for real I think your crush has started ending
Why’d I do this to myself
I took your heart for granted
And let you think that something special's what we’re being handed
But then I changed my feelings on the outside not the in
And I hope you can forgive me and we can re-begin
This love that once started
But then fell apart
Because I decided not to listen to my heart
It was right all along to just tell you the truth
And not some genuine lie that I produce
When it’s not how I feel
Just another part of my excuse
Of why I didn’t like you
When really I do
And all the time I have I want to dedicate to you
So put that to-die-for smile back on your face
And I’ll get back in the race
Your love is what I’ll win
So I guess I’ll tell you again
That I want you to forgive and let you be the only reason why I live
So please
For me
Paint that smile back on your face
And make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are in place
So that when I see you next time
I promise I’ll reply not decline
And you’ll give me the time of day
Why did I run away?

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