Tears of Rain

September 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I stand in the grass on a gray summer's day
feeling the eye of the storm
while others hide inside and say
"This storm wants to our lives transform"

I stand in the circle of grass and sigh,
looking up at the summer sky.
The clouds blow, and the winds sing
to watch a storm being born is a beautiful thing.

The leaves fly around me, and the lightning flashes
The people that once surrounded me now are gone
I can't take their words, those tongues that are lashes
My day's so dark I can't feel the rising dawn.

I ignore it all, once more I look to the sky
a gentle rain drop falls upon my eye
like a teardrop it goes, sliding down my cheeks
it's history written in dirty streaks.

Another follows, and another,another, until once more
to those that scathed me, I must implore
why have you done this, driven me here?
So that I stand in the calm of the storm
lost and alone, with no one to hold
that all the love in the world seems to disappear?

The scent of minerals grows stronger: the smell of rain
the wind picks up, I feel like I'm in a hurricane
made of my own problems, my troubles and fears
a macabre nightmare born from tortured years

I stand and try, hoping to defy
this nightmare of my own dark creations
but once more, i can't control
this once-peaceful rain born of turmoiled nations
that falls from the sky
and tries
to ruin my life of shrugs and sighs

And more rain falls, more, more,
to those that scathed me, I once again implore
why have you driven me into the eye of the storm
where I am surrounded by my fears and wars
without anyone to hold me tight
and wipe the tears of rain from my eyes
which fall in spite
of my own demise?

The author's comments:
I have no idea why I wrote this. I was just thinking about how I was standing outside my school right before a thunder storm, and I wanted to write a poem about the calm before a storm, and somehow this was born.

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