Inspiration comes from the heart.

August 16, 2010
By Soha Walajahi BRONZE, Surrey, Other
Soha Walajahi BRONZE, Surrey, Other
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Put my pen down years ago, but these words come pouring out
Waved goodbye to love but welcomed pain and doubt.
They say I need to stop, but sometimes I stay and think
Splayed out all the emotion…
And signed it off with ink.

Lay in your arms that night, I didn’t know how to act
When you whispered three words;
Were they fiction or fact?
“You mean the world to me.” Baby, was it really true?
Because your world comes crashing down tonight
And there’s just no sign of you.

Your eyes reflect your heart, they told me how you feel
So I guess that’s why, tonight, they mirror nothing but steel.
You made me feel invincible, so I set my guard on fire.
I made a mistake, I paid the price…
And they say that pain inspires.

The author's comments:
I love the fact that some people are lucky enough to trust their loved ones so much, doubting their intentions and their heart would be unthinkable. But for those of us who haven't quite found that person yet... don't put any Tom, Dick or Harry on that pedestal, even if you wish with all your heart and soul that they are.

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