I must not see

July 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I must not see what people see
When they look at me
They smile and say I look nice
They have no idea I'm the girl
Who crys on dark and lonely night

They always seem so surprised
When they take a look at my arm
Or in my Medicine Cabinet
They think i'm the essence of charm
And that the way i would have it

When people hear my story
They are taken aback
How could such a nice young girl's Life have such a crack

This crack that gapes
And nearly swollwed me whole
I managed to get out
All that climbing took its toll

So young, So bright
Sweet young thing
You should be happy
And full of life

Digging deep feels like
Searching for lost treasure
Then it hits me
This could be my grave
My resting place forever.

People see what they want to see
They see my full lips and long limbs
Ignore the cuts, the blood, and the dirt
No one takes note
They only wonder
Whats under my shirt.

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