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August 1, 2010
By LostInStereo PLATINUM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
LostInStereo PLATINUM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Friends are the family you choose.

Tell me it’ll be alright
And everything’ll be okay

Oh tell me it’s alright
Yea, everything is okay

Give me a reason
To not feel attrition

To feel accepted
Not excluded

I’m sick of the things that happen
When you’re all upset

‘Cause I hate the yelling
The b****ing and fighting

The screaming and crying
The confusion and hating

I’m through with this s***
This b****iness and attitude

Do you feel alright?
‘Cause I’m full of doubt

Oh, tell me that it’s alright
Yea, everything is okay

Tell me that it’s alright
And everything is okay

I’m sick of the things that happen
Around here

All the screaming and all of the yelling
All the fear and all the anxiety

I’m tired of sitting here
Waiting for a fight

I know it’ll start
Soon enough

I like when it’s calm
Simple and quiet

I don’t wanna go
Running from here

This place called home
I wanna stay put

But not like this
Depressing and angry

Why don’t you leave?
Go back to the past

Tell me it’s alright
And everything’s okay

Oh! Tell me it’ll be alright
Yeah! Everything’ll be okay

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