August 1, 2010
By Shaquell SILVER, Box Elder, South Dakota
Shaquell SILVER, Box Elder, South Dakota
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Once more you close your eyes. Wake up love. Don't sleep quiet yet. Let's linger in this moment.
Once more the door is closed to me. Please open up. Dear Let me in, I promise that I'll listen.

Surrounded in light, you lead the way. I no longer stray from my path. And the air is so clean, I can breathe at last. My mind is cold winter, your heart is warm summer; a perfect contrast.

Lost in our dreams. Can we call this false hope truly happy? I fear the worst. It's getting dark. Fate grips my heart. How, how can I know I'll be saved? No more pain. Soon our dream will end. Deliever us, dona eis requiem.

Once more you're silent to me. Please speak up. I want to hear your voice, I can't get enough.
Once more you let go of me. Hold on tight. I'll make things alright. Just please don't drift away.

Through our tears, through our pain. Though we're damaged, we're still okay. You protect me, my everything. Laugh for me, even laugh at me. I've put all my faith in you. Please let this sweet dream come true.

But time destroys beautiful women and defeats the brave men. Will we still be dreaming when it ends? Distance has a way of making us forget. And how? How can I know when you're too far away? When I feel cold? When I'm all alone? Deliever us, dona eis requeim. Requiem.

Once more we say goodnight. My gentle light. I see my future in your eyes.
Once more your smile fades. I..I love you. Please stay!

Deliever us...

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