Feels Like We're Falling

July 30, 2010
Fear instilled in me from past mistakes
Keeps me hard so that way I go through no more heartaches.
It always happens when things seem too good to be true or when things seem to change.
I wish I didn't do that but ever since that ONE BIG HURT I've never been the same.
I really want to give all I have to you but now as things come into the light I'm not sure anymore
I wish things could go back to the way they were before.

My heart is torn for I'm the type who never truly let go.
I understand this can hurt but I thought it was something you needed to know.
I don't want to throw away our love-a love that can become the love that everyone envies
But in order to have that you gotta hang in there with me.
You promised to never let me go and a kiss upon my lips you placed.
Never did I imagine then of the problems I now face.
In sickness and in health til death do us part,
These were the mutual feelings we had from the start.

Now the page has turned and new feelings, confusing feelings have come about.
You knew I was a handful the day you met me without a doubt.
A long heart to heart deep conversation is one that needs to be had.
I'm sorry if I've ever done anything that has made you mad.
Dreams have come and gone; but hopefully they return
Nightmares dwell in my mind-even after dark when the sun burns
Taking the good and the bad I'm seriously willing to see us through
Because right now, I don't know what I'd do without you

Some people will call me crazy because I've actually sat here and written this out to you.
But who cares-It's not them that I'm worried about-But it's me and you
Before either of us does or says anything we might regret later on in life
Let's think things all the way through and then decide what's right.
When thinking about what it is that you wana do; remember one thing:

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