July 21, 2010
i do not want to hear it
cause all i've done is fear it
and this is what you wanted
so it's what you'll get

i'm not looking forward to it
but deep inside i know i got to do it
i'm so sick of waiting and thinking
my time is just a-wasting and lingering

i don't need the stress
my life's already a mess
if you're not willing to then there is no us
so baby just hush

you didn't leave me hanging
but time was just taking
and all i wanted was to know
that i was safe and so

and i've never felt like this [no]
but i won't cry today [no]
i'm not going to think "what if"
no more having to go through it

i needed realization
and all of these temptations
made it all a bigger struggle for me
it was so clear and yet i didn't see

i don't want to go back
honestly i don't need that
you said whatever
so i will go wherever

and i guess there's no more "i love you's"
no more pain to go through
i'm going to move on
and i hope you go along

and the past is where it will stay
all of you needs to go away
i still see your picture
wish it was not there

but i'll move on
because i'm very strong
so leave it at goodbye
you'll make it out alive

hush it, hush it
no more of it
i can't take the pain
and i can't take it anymore- no not again

hush it, hush it
no more of it
love is not at all what i assumed
and i can say it was good when with you

but i'm done and you are too
and i am glad of what we've gone through
and i'll stay positive from now
it felt so wrong anyhow

i really don't need the stress
my life's already a mess
if you're not willing to then there is no us
tired, tired, honey hush...

hush it, hush it
no more of it- it feels so wrong
i'm going to do what i do
and hope that you move on

the frustration is not needed
and my heart was only bleeding
and i hate to think of you
and i'm still hoping we're cool

i feel so ignorant
so tired of feeling it
and i hate the way your name appears
don't want it to delete cause it's my biggest fear

and i know everything went wrong
so while you sing along
i'm just going to carry on
and it won't take very long

i don't have to take it
i know that i'll make it
so just hush it, hush it
no more of it

i can so move on
as you follow along
i'm so tired of it all
did it before i could fall

so before itt ended wrong
i let it go and just moved on
before i fell off the cliff
i had to do it so i did

and if it's over then it's good
and baby i knew that it would
and it ended
because i let it

didn't need it
stopped bleeding
i'm so done- you're so gone
maybe this way i'm better off

don't want your hug or your kiss
that's the last thing that i'll miss
i'm not happy- i'm not sad
but it's over and that's too bad

hush it, hush it
no more of it
no more of us
it ended so baby please just hush...

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