Kings in a rocketship

July 14, 2010
By pilot SILVER, Victorville, California
pilot SILVER, Victorville, California
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Kings in a rocket ship
You can be king of the world or any thing better but no matter how hard you try Youll always lose to the sky. You can fly so high But not enough alone. But with you we can try and fly To the atmosphere. Even if it's hard to breath up there, wish we could breath just like when We're with each other, it seems so easy. Now the only problem is how we gonna get there, By plane, parachute, or a cannon, or how about a rocketship, blow our selves away to a better place. Then when we're the rulers of this earth then we'll celabrate, throw a party, sansbanansa! The sky won't seem as scary as before because we traveled there By plane, parachute, and even a cannon or how about we blast away in a rocketship, and forget every thing else. Now that we rule, we should love each other better and no one will ever rebel against us, Know, We're here where we wanted and nothing stands in our way now. (music break) And we got here by, plane, parachute, and even a cannon and we even blew ourselves away, in a rocket ship. (music break) Finaly finished a good song hope you all like it!

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