What Came Between...

July 6, 2010
By , Frisco, TX
I’m sorry, but you just don’t belong in between these twisted lines that our lives have become. It’s my first and last desire to see you walk away with me but right here, right now, in this moment, forever, we’re history

Don’t try and pretend that everything will be the same because what you did will follow you to the grave. For all eternity your spirit will haunt my very being reminding me of what we used to be. You shattered my trust and now we’ll never be the same to the very end.

I still can’t believe that you would abandon me like you did. I believed in you. I trusted you. I loved you and you killed me on the inside. You can’t apologize for what you’ve done because it can never be changed we will never be the same.

I sit here alone hoping you hear my cries of agony and come back to me. I sit here waiting for you to come back to me the way you were. I sit here hoping that somewhere on the inside you’re still the same.

I hope you find me sitting here red eyed and beautiful lost inside. I hope you come to find the real me. I hope you come to rescue my soul from the terrible things that happened between us. Save me from what came between.

I cry myself to sleep every night my tears fall like perfect raindrops each one for you and only you. They smear the ink of our pictures each one a reminder of what we used to be now smeared with misery.

You touched my heart with your beauty, you touched my soul with your lies, you stained my skin with forgiveness, you traded it all for this life.

This broke you beyond repair and tore us apart. My heart is in pieces, no more tears left to cry.

My hopes flew away like fireflies in the night, flashing little dreams trying to make everything all right. You grabbed one from the air and brought it up to me. Don’t try and apologize because we’re history.

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