i want You, just you, forever...

June 14, 2010
I want to fight till the sun goes down
I wanna love till the sun goes up
I wanna talk till our voices give out
I want you,just you,forever
I want to break all the plates in our house
I want this love to never give out
I want to have kids till we cant count
I want you,just you,forever.
Want to be that commerical family
Where we all live happy
Having kids still at Forty
I want you,just you,forever.
i want to dance with no music
and be called your chick
n you telling friends "she's mine she's picked."
I want you,just you,Forever.
I want to be your ove of your life
n one day be called your wife
Beacuse your last name sounds nice
I just want you,just you,forever.
I want to hang out one on one
n yell out the prize i won
I am done looking for someone.

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