Jessie C.

July 1, 2010
You were always just so happy to be alive.
When I was around you, I got a special feeling inside.
If I ever went to visit you, a smile was spread across your face.
I could never see any sadness in you; there was never a trace.

The way you acted was like an angel.
It was never for yourself, you were always acting for others.
You were so selfless; a role model for me.
I hope that is the way I will be.

You also had a wonderful sense of humor,
And your laugh was truly unique.
If I was ever feeling down or sad,
You'd pick me up with that humor you've always had.

Even though you were not my biological mother,
I still looked up to you all the same.
In my life, somehow you are still here.
Your place in my heart I will hold dear.

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