Intoxicating Word Potion

June 23, 2010
People always say all I write about is love and life
Is it wrong that I love life?
I say what I feel at the moment
Put my thoughts in the air then I own it
Never being phony
Not lettin' anybody own me
All I got is my pen
'Cause it's my only friend
Not easily bent
Callin' me lithe would easily offend
I guess my swag is way past ten
Not judging by my style but the words that I send
I'm brilliant with my Paper Mate
Each word raises the temperature at a steady rate
I gotta stop before my pen burns a hole
Through the paper into your soul
And I don't want you to fall in love with my words
But itt wouldn't surprise me by the way I play with these verbs
I tortured you enough with my word spell
So only these lines not shall I dwell
I apologize for playing with your emotions
But I warned you of my intoxicating word potion

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