"That Girl"

May 27, 2010
By jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
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Someone take my head out of my bed
I gotta get myself in the chase
I’m as good as dead for what little I’ve said
And now someone’s gotta get me into that place
I know how long it’s been
And that has been the sin
And I’m sorry for what I haven’t been
For pulling time this long and thin

I wanted to learn how to play the guitar
A child on the couch trying to be a star
I was awake in bed at night without a spark in the dark
To find that the day had gone, just another marked
Then I would grow, soon I would slow
With my chances to come and go
When it was time to go, time just goed
And I didn’t then, but now I know

I knew a girl who pulled joy out of misery
From a small town she pushed the bounds and knew what she would be
She would make love to you if you would make her a plea
But I never asked her to ride with me
She went after what she sought
She got the love that she ought
She shouldered it all when she fought
While I’m still getting caught

I want to catch up with that girl who never told the world
How she managed to get away
I want to pick up and drive to where I'll feel alive
Maybe she still knows the way

The author's comments:
Contextually, this song is simple; the lyrics are somewhat existential, concerning this character who feels he has wasted a good part of his life while this girl ("that girl"), from the same place, seizes her opportunities and succeeds. Perhaps it's a song about what happens just as you feel you're done growing up, when you're no longer looking at "now," but all that you've done and what you believe you have to do.

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