i will be there 4 you

May 28, 2010
death is coming. coming for us ALL.because we think nothing about how we kill are selves in the end you see your life flash BEFORE YOUR EYES.you didn't always do as you where told because you never thought they where right but you have always done what the ghost told you and you have been saved for your self.the voices in your head telling you to be good but you had to do the bad thing the you regreat doing but i i'm still here for you letting you in my soul and helping you with your pain thats on the inside you can't see me but you can hear me letting you know everything is going to be ok and i love you thats why i protected you.people always told you that your not the good guy but you realy are the good guy and they have made the enemy thats is more powerful then they can think.but just rember that i will be there for you protecting you and i will always love you.

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