Whatever it Takes

May 28, 2010
By AmyM. BRONZE, Hubertus, Wisconsin
AmyM. BRONZE, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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Fireflies come out at night,
twinkling aginst yoru skin.
This thing called life
just feels so right
when you're near, me.

I'm getting lost in transit,
Only you can keep me sane.
I've taken my chances,
my hopes lay unexisted
until I met you.

If the world was falling into pieces,
and you're at the edge of your emotions,
I'll be there guiding you through the tunnel.
If the Pacific reaches the horizon,
and it's you and me against the world,
baby we'll make history.
What a beautiful catastrophe.
I'll do whatever it takes,
whatever it takes.
Even when you're about to break,
I'll do whatever it takes.

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