May 15, 2010
By Heart2Heart PLATINUM, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Heart2Heart PLATINUM, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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Hold your heart
Steady but gently
A piece of you
You wanted to give me
But keep it with you, girl
Safe and secure
Leave it for someone you deserve
So a possibly
(Became impossible)

Chorus: Someday, I'll be what you need
I'll bleed when you bleed
And I'll stop breathing
When your heart stops beating
But I'm lonely and scared
Dark and ashamed
I'll be with you someday
When it all goes away...

I'm not like I was before
I can't be what you want
What you feel can't be real
It has to be a dream
Do you really love me
Would you take me
If you knew the truth
Of all my pain...
(repeat chorus)

This person you see
As a beautiful butterfly
Has burned away his wings
And is trapped in the winter
Of secrets and regrets

(But you love me anyway)
I'll be in your arms

Could I ever feel again...?
(repeat chorus)

We could be the sun and the moon
'Cause the sun gives in to the night
Like tonight
I do for you

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