Come Back

May 19, 2010
How hard it was for you to face rejection,
When you failed to win over my affection.
I like you as a friend and a companion,
I didn't know the end would come so soon.
If only I had not been full of pride,
I want you to come back here by my side.
*Wish I didn't miss you but I do.
Wish things could be fixed but now we're through.
Wish I hadn't pushed when should've pulled,
My heart's empty while yours has turned cold.
Wish I could revive,
The friendship that has died.
Wish you would come back here to my side. *

Memories have come back more and more,
Why can't things be like they were before?
Rejecting you if only I had known,
Would leave me feeling guilty and alone.
The hurt in your eyes is too hard to bear,
But how can I face what's no longer there?

My feet are sinking deeper in quicksand,
I'm stuck here and it's getting out of hand.
I've let you go without saying good-bye,
Can't you help out and give it one last try?
Forget the present, think back to the past.
And this time we can make our friendship last...

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