Love Story

May 13, 2010
By FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
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I type.
All night.
With or without light.
Daydreaming of the day before.
Masterminding how to get more.
He walked out 30 minutes ago.
I love his style, his flow.
Every time I see him leave.
Sumn moves in my chest real deep.
He kisses me on my forehead.
We complete each other, a pencil & lead.
Told me he can’t lose me.
If he ever did he’d cry himself to sleep.
Said he loved me from the first time he saw me.
Love at first sight something he believes.
I ask him why.
He gives me no reply.
He then gives a lil sigh.
Told me to never say bye.
That ima flyer I live in thu sky.
I told my beastie im diggin this guy.
His heartbeat is music, that keeps me alive.
He knows how to lie.
But he’d rather die.
Im not gonna front I did but up a fight.
Then he showed me he was my knight.
Blows me away like ima kite.
He protects me from all fright.
He gives me respect.
And chills as he kisses my neck.
Thu king & queen of thu deck.
He wipes away my tears.
Tells me to move on from thu past years.
Said thu past is thu past.
And theres a reason why it didn’t last.
Theres meaning to his madness.
They still slow compared to him at their fastest.
We fight. We debate.
He turns out thu light. Never too late.
I wanna make him proud.
He wants to hear me say his name loud.
Im so glad im found.
I was floating her brought me down.
Placed my feet on solid ground.
I love him.
he loves me.
& sweetheart that’s how its gonna be.
There’s your love story.

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