Someone Better

May 17, 2010
How can you be serious when he's a joke
are you delirious? just let the thought soak
could we ever be? let me know
cause i need to see you let him go
just step back before it all unfolds
keep your heart intact, take it out of the cold
they say if he's questioning to stay then just walk away
but instead you stand there and let him play
she's blind to him, and that his love is sin
it broke not once but twice , and i know that won't suffice
he doesn't seem to care, he sees her heart; doesn't know i'm there
all he does is upset her when he says
"You could find someone Better"
but does he know that someone is somewhere
so deep in her heart you know it's right there
growing more with every bit of care
i can show you make you understand
let me give you a hand
so step up and tell him you've had enough;
that you can see through every bluff
this is not the end; not a fairy tale, pretend
this life goes on, repeats itself every dusk to dawn
there's no pot of gold at the end
wake up realities cold
it only takes a second for every for everything to unfold

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