More Than Anything

May 11, 2010
It’s your first date together nervous and shy
A picnic and stroll beneath the starlit sky
At your doorstep hoping you look all right
One peck on the cheek before he says goodnight
He thinks he loves you more than anything

Several dates later calm and relaxed
You’ve gotten to know him and have grown to love him back
Never so joyful your heart wants to sing
He gets on one knee and pulls out a ring
He asks if he can love you more than anything

The day you never thought would come has finally arrived
Everything is hectic like a swarming beehive
You walk down the aisle dressed in all white
Staring into your eyes standing by your side
He promises to love you more than anything

Three years pass and a new to the family
As a father of a girl as happy as can be
He holds the new life so fragile so small
His love is a mountain the highest of all
He will love you both more than anything

Fifty years later all tired and gray
Life now fading death calling you away
He’s at your side holding your hand
Promise kept true clear to the end
He still loves you more than anything

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