Love's a Story Best Told Firsthand

April 23, 2010
By Jellybeanlover35 BRONZE, Buckner, Kentucky
Jellybeanlover35 BRONZE, Buckner, Kentucky
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When you grow up, do what you love to do; and do it with passion, enthusiasm, with the knowledge that if love is what you feel for it, you'll do great.

Equipped with nothing but a pen and my brain
I will embark on my mission: to write you a story of love

He told her he was leaving, on the 9 o’clock rail
And that he wouldn’t see her again
He told her he’d remember the memories
At least for the number of days on one hand

She told him he was a liar, and a good one at that
But that doesn’t keep this from being bad
“You can leave me here, but don’t think I’ll remember;
Any of those good times we had.”

All the nights wasted on her
All the thoughts wasted on him
How did she think he meant it when he said?
“I’ll never leave, I promise. And I don’t break promises, it’s a sin”

What happened there that day was a terrible ordeal
And one that can’t be fixed with sorry
It makes you understand why it’s said “Love’s a battlefield”
But I never got to finish my story

1,000 miles separates them from each other,
Oh, what a long, long distance it is
Everyday the thoughts come rushing in, about her
And how the only thing he could be called is a doofus

4 months ago exact was the last time she heard him
After he broke his “sacred” promise to her
Everyday the thoughts come rushing in about him
And how the whole thing was a stupid boy’s lure.

All the nights missing him
All the nights of missing her
I cannot believe that there was a force that made him
Get up, and walk out that door

What happened there that day was a day of remembrance
And a day that brought them a whole leap closer
For that reason alone, I say it’s time to dance
Just wait though, till my story is over

On the 100th anniversary of his thought
He decided it was time to go
So he left his perch from atop the gloomy house and
Equipped himself with flowers, left toward the snow

He got to her house, she was beautiful as ever
He outstretched his hand with flowers intact
He was please to see, her favorite hadn’t changed
And she was delighted he chose to come back

All the nights loving him
All the nights loving her
All the feelings of love in the world
Cannot amount to how they feel, for sure

What happened there that day was a miracle, no doubt
And a miracle that needed to be done
I’m just a scribe, not a fortune teller, don’t shout
But I believe their ending was a happy one

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