The Dance

May 8, 2010
By BalletDancer13 SILVER, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
BalletDancer13 SILVER, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
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Snowing and the valentines dance
Is postponed
I can’t help but think of you
Dancing around my room
Praying you’ll be there

My arms around you’re neck
Your hands on my waist
The music is loud
And I’m with you
I’m looking into your eyes
We’re dancing so close now
Our feet moving on their own
At the dance tonight

Walking around the dance floor
Looking for you
To ask you to dance with me
When I find you
You’re dancing with her
And I know we’re just friends
But all I can think about is


Last song of the night again
I have to find you
DJ’s playing
Stop and Stare
And that’s all I can do
When I see you
I tap you on the shoulder
And ask you to dance
You look down at me
And say
While we’re dancing
An 8th grader dancing next to us asks
“Is this kid your girlfriend?”
I looked up at you to see what you’d say
And you just said
“No, she’s one of my good friends”
You know I figured out
That being a friend
Is better then nothing at all
And even now
All I can think about is

My arms around you
Your arms around me
At the dance
I could love you

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