Upon This Star

May 8, 2010
Its cold outside
We’re walking home
From your basketball game
You’re talking about her
As I just stare into your eyes
Cause’ my heart is broken
Not by you
And I can’t help but

Wish upon this star
That someday you’ll come
And heal my broken heart
Oh Starry Night
Stars so bright
I wish upon this star
The first I see tonight
That you’ll love me
Under this starry night
In this dark star filled sky
Starry night

Dark night, dancing
Everyone is there
But the girl you love
She’s nowhere to be found
No one’s seen her
And I can’t help but
Wish you’d ask me to dance


Dark stage, performing
Praying I won’t mess up in front of you
I see you there you’re sitting next to her
Holding hands
While my heart dies
It shatters into so many fragile pieces
And I know that my friends can see it

They can see that my performance
Was for you
In this starry night
Wishing upon this star

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