Sleeping Beauty

April 29, 2010
By Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
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Sleeping Beauty.
you are dreaming away...
and wont wake up, not today.

..A spell on you is cast
you don't live in the present
but are dormant...and live in the past.

You are in a sound sleep
lost to the world, empty and shallow, yet deep.
Your eyelids are shut, behind which, are all the secrets you keep. You sleep in a tower surrounded by walls, on a hillside,
vast and steep

You cant even remember when you started to dose
because you cant remember the last time you were awake. have no idea your dreams are fake...
so you lie a beautiful room, almost a prison, enclosed.

With magical mural, blood red tapestries, and a bed of silvers, rubies, diamonds, and golds.
Along the walls grow flowers with malicious yet stunning looking thorns, of white and red rose.

Next to your bed lies a great window
from which, in the daylight, sunbeams shimmer through...
and at night shines the moon...all aglow..
but yo neither see, nor feel them..and they come and go like drops of morning dew.
... People have tried to rescue you..
all have failed but few...
and those who reached your bedside, were not able to awaken you.

No one knows how but yourself...and you have forgotten.
it cant get out, as it cant get in..
lost inside yourself is the answer..

and it eats away at you silently..
and yet so very violently ..
like a cancer...

surprisingly enough, it isn't loves first kiss pure and true...

Many have scaled the castle walls to try...
for your heart to vie...
but you were always lost in your lullaby.
And they didn't know how or why...
So they kissed you, and said goodbye.

...With a victory almost as if a dragon they smote...
they could not save you, however, so they left bye your side
a love note. have piles of them now
all unopened, still closed.
..but somehow the words are on your heart,
like poetry, song and prose.
How? No one knows...
Your face is placid and nothing shows.

Could it be, however, that some day you will awake from your dreaming state?
could there ever be hope for you?
what life would await?

Your heart too, is in a dream...
in a deep dormancy.
It barely even beats, sometimes it would seem...
perhaps it will stop altogether,
and you'll finally be free.

Try as you might, you don't know where you are.
You don't know where you are stranded to, or how far..
because you have forgotten...
your freedom is not something that can be boughten.
...and try as you might, still, no bells ring.

You've liven in a dream so long, you believe that you truly live. That its real.
You like your dreams better, because you cant hurt or feel.
...As if you were made of iron or Steele...
thought both can hurt others.

Subconsciously, you believe that nothing matters, that you can wake yourself anytime...
That's what you think.
words keep echoing in your head worse than bells that chime.
But you never will.
And you wont...and it kills.

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