Smile Brighter

May 1, 2010
You make me smile brighter than I ever thought I would,
You make me laugh louder than I probably should
You make me love you more than I ever thought I could

Before you came along
I was simply lyrics without a song
I was running to get to nowhere
Drowning on my last breath of air
I was lost until you found me
I was a lock but you’re the key
We live in a world made for just you and me
A world where everything fits together perfectly

Before you came along
All my rights became my wrongs
I was a falling without a net
I was dry but always wet
I was a bird who couldn’t fly
But now I spread my wings into the deep blue sky
We fit each other perfectly, no questions and no doubts
No matter what comes our way we’ll always work it out

For you fixed up all of my errors
You took away the pain
You gave me back the feeling
Now I’ll never be the same
You unleashed a brand new person
Someone I’m not afraid to hide
I can conquer the impossible
As long as I have you by my side

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