FEEL (song lyrics)

April 26, 2010
By ianjamess SILVER, Auburn, California
ianjamess SILVER, Auburn, California
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If you walk through life living for everyone else you will never actually live yourself.


Oh do, you love, like I know I do, oh do, you say, do you say its true, so close, so far, as I've become soothed, by the sound of your voice like you do, oh can, you say, from the bottom of your heart, like snow it melts, when I give a jump start, so smooth, so great, what can I do, but say, tonight, oh I love you,


Oh can, you feel, like the touch of the wind, upon your soul, your heart, it ceases to swim, tonight, please see, look, at me, and know, I know, that you know I care for thee, Like the rushing rivers, flow, does my heart as it sees your soul, unholy, we all, as we were before, but now, forgiven, perfect forever more, One time, I ask, won't you see, I would love, to see you take hold of me as my heart, it screams, fore eternity no more, I ask, one dance, forever more


Oh,oh and do, you say, not just for one night, as friends, we talk, look at the light, that shines in my eyes, as you, hold me like you do, wherever we go, know that I love you, for tonight, I cant, imagine anywhere, apart from here, with you there, wont you indeed, show me you care, tonight, please be, oh please be there…



Tonight, please hold, tonight please know, tonight please understand the feelings in my soul

Tonight please feel, tonight please heal, an emptiness that only you can fill, I love you

More, than ever, forever I say, whatever happens I'll remember today, these times, this joy, that you have me feel, forever I'll say, tonight was more than I feel…

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