Open Up

April 22, 2010
Verse 1: Please open up your heart
and I’ll let you inside of mine.
Open up your eyes
so you can see mine are closed.

Chorus: It seems to me you’ve lived your life so well.
But the neglect that fills your troubled mind
has brought me to my knees once again.

Verse 2: Despite the forever falling tears
you pay no mind and carry on.
So I ask you why,
my cries avoid your ears?

(chorus) mm…yea (chorus)

Lift the sorrow from your face.
Let me wipe the tears before they fall.
And as a smile appears,
peace softly graces my eyes.

Reverse chorus: It seems to me you’ve lived your life so well,
that neglect has been chased from your troubled mind.
And you have lifted me from my knees for the first time.

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