Afraid to fall

April 10, 2010
By AndreaButto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
AndreaButto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Those who forget the past, are due to repeat it.

And we lie here all alone
Trying hide every feeling that we have
You know that I want you as much as u do
So why are we still standing without a move

I can see it on your eyes
That you want all of this tonight
You've been hiding all this time
Trying to prove wrong what u feel inside

So we staring each other
Not trying to make the wrong move
You don't wana be the first one
Cuz u think I may walk away
So we staring each other
Somehow closer than before
I'm trying to touch ur hand
But I'm just too afraid to fall

We've been friends for so long
You know me better than anyone else
You build my walls made me strong
You've been by my side all along

But this doesn't feel the same
It's like we've never met before
We are standing against this world
Completely strangers is what we've become


So tell me what's next to do
Cuz I see u won't try to move
And I know u are dying to
Cuz you love me as much I do


And we lie here all alone
Were standing in this world we don't even know
We both yearn for this feeling that's killing us
So we close our eyes and taste this love
Cuz tonight we've come to find out
If this may work.

The author's comments:
I wrote this song, thinking about this one person which has been my best friend for so long, and we both have this mutual crush but we are so afraid to show it.

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