The Final Blow

April 9, 2010
By , Johnstown, OH
Verse one:
Baby if I died tonight
Would you cry for me (ooo cry for me)
Cause standing here alone tonight
I wonder if you see
Do you just see right through me
See right through this look on my face
Do you think about what could be
Or could I just be replaced
Babe, you gotta let me know, let me know
Before I fall to pieces again
Cause I don’t want us to
Have to pretend
Babe, you know u love you
But you gotta tell me the truth
We aren’t what we used to be
Can you tell me baby
How did we get here
Down on our knees
Trying to find a reason
To believe
We’ll make it through
Cause I need you
But I guess it’s never
Easy to know
When to give
The final blow
Verse two:
Time keeps wearing away
At the both of us
Ripping apart the seams
And leavin us in a cloud of dust
We’re chokin on the words
We don’t wanna say
And put them off
To another day
But eventually this dagger
Will stab us right in the back
Makin sure we’re
Torn in half
And the pain only grows
The longer we wait
Proving we can’t
Escape our fate
So I guess this means
I’m sorry I just can’t
Live this lie

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