Glass Bottle View

April 4, 2010
Can you see? Can you see the scars?
The scars in the sky make the children
cry at night.
[Cry at night.]

How do you start? How do you start?
An engine without, without a spark?
I think my heart, I think my heart is
Breakin’ down.
[On the edge of town.]

What do you do when its all been done?
Where do you go when there’s no place
Left to run?
[You’re on your own.]
What do you eat when you’re out of cash?
Where do you lie when the grass
Is all burned up?
[Under the sun.]

I’m shivering as the sun goes down,
Under the scars As we look
all around.
[On the edge of town.]

So now we’re here and
we’ll never be here again.
The first and the last time.
[Here in love. ]

Your eyes are like a million things
That I can’t think of
[On the edge of town.]

What do you drink when you’re out of pop?
How do you go when the world tells
You to stop?
[Stop, drop, and roll.]
What do you see when the world is gone?
What do you think when the lights are
Not turned on?
[Everything is dark.]

On. On the edge of town
The outskirts are
burning down.
[On the edge of town]
How do you slice, slice a pie
Made of cloud
In the sky?
[On the edge of town.]

The sidewalk is ending here
You know I love you dear
On the edge of town
[Don’t fall, don’t fall down.]

Hold. Hold my hand
Keep it there
Don’t be afraid
I’ll always be here
[On the edge of town]
Won’t let you down

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