My new life

April 9, 2010
I'm laying on the ground shaking I can't see or hear anything I can't even talk. finally it's over and I heard about what happened and even though I'm in tears and those jerks made fun of me and laughed I can't help thae way I am so I just walk around pretending i'm like everybody else and ignore my new life. I used too have less fears used too be able to leave the house and know everything was just fine. Now I just stay in my room afraid if I leave I might get hurt and it's stressin me out even though that makes everything worse oh woah and even though I don't know whats goin on most of the time it scares me so bad no matter if i'm at home or out in public I know I can't hide from my new life and even though I try and try and try to pretend i'm normal and not like everybody else I can't run away from my new life oh woah my new life

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