My Long Lost Shadow

March 31, 2010
By ladyruleroffierydarkness8821 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
ladyruleroffierydarkness8821 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Favorite Quote:
see through your own eyes

The shadow lurked from the world between wolds
It floated upon me as i played in the yard
It taught me every kind of mental gold
What to keepo within me, what to discard

I never knew what this shadow was
Its always there coexisting with life
I guess it came from further that time
I felt I had known it in some other life
It gave me a gift I hold deep within
It haunts me forever, creating my dreams
No one will know what this shadow means
It keeps my aura from turning dim

The author's comments:
This shall reamain a mystery for those who arent me

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