memory of u

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

i need some time to be alone
everything is just so screwed up
my head is filled with thoughts u said
i cant get the memory of u out of my head
i 'member everythin we did said
and i get so down...
all the times u called
all the times we hung out and kissed
i was filled with happiness
now its all long... gone...
lost forever in my head
when i look at u, u just give me a blank look
my mind fills with thought about u and i just cant get the memory of u out of my head
even for a minute
i think that i might be goin crazy
nothin i do anymore is fun
nothin seems right everythin is just so damn messed up
my life is just fallin apart...

The author's comments:
my ex bf ty, he was a great guy, we did a lot of things together, we loved eachother, but it lasted a month and it broke my heart when he broke up with me, so i wrote this poem...

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