Lost in Pain

March 23, 2010
By AndreaButto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
AndreaButto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Those who forget the past, are due to repeat it.

And I'm here praying to god
That he let's me make it trough the night
Cuz I'm here all alone in this world
Were the tears never seems to stop
And my fears are drowning me up
Would I make trough the night

When I lay my head in bed
Your memories haunt my head
And I wonder why god is so unfair
And I don't find a answer
Cuz I'm talking to myself
Cuz I'm all alone resting in the pain
And somehow I just want to stay
Cuz I'm tired of all the times I failed
Would I make it trough somehow

And I don't know where to go
Cuz I don't know where I stand
And I don't know who I am
Cuz my ashes are all gone by now

Can't close my eyes
Cuz I don't wana see your face
Can't close my eyes
Cuz the pain is just insane
And when the clock strikes twelve
I hold on tight to my bed
Begging god he takes away this torment
Cuz here I am
Miserable lost in pain

The author's comments:
This song is about someone who is going through a very bad time. The pain he or she feels its intense. This person is just tired and exhausted of everything thats turning out wrong in his or her life.

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