Thinking of you

March 25, 2010
as i lie awake late at night, unable to drift into dreams
not much eases my mind, as the only love i had is now hate, it seems
my thoughts go blank, and you creep into my head
for the first time in a long time i don't feel so dead
i guess love still has me in it's choke hold
why am i so lost thinking of you
nothing else is on my mind, memories are left behind
and i want you to fill that space, so i'm thinking of you
as memories break, pain flows way more than i can take
your image distracts me from it all and the more it does the more i fall
so far down into an abyss and my heart fills with bliss
i can't control where it wants to go but you can help so let you know
if this is good or bad, i don't really care either way love will
find a way to be unfair so much so as it has before, showing
every girl the door, i hope the more i think, the more that will change
and we'll be so happy it'll be enough the stars will rearrange
stain our names across the sky so we can tell people why

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