Why did i write this song?

March 17, 2010
By Sania GOLD, Aroura, Colorado
Sania GOLD, Aroura, Colorado
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i feel like the world is crashing down on me, are you my enemy?!
school fights? friends? best friends? i think not!
why do teachers try and calm us down? we still dont like each other. im breaking free...my own person. no one can stop me now.
let them hate. i appreciate. spread my name around the school?!?! you do need the fame?!?!?
im sorry your mistaken s*** is NOT my name!
i find myself a simply complex girl. does this life make any sense?!?!?!
i think not.
i woke up this morning my cell blew up.
i dont care about the latest gossip. just let it drop
let it go and free fall
into the black pit of black nothingness.
i am chlostrophobic. i feel like the world is closing in on me. are you my enemy?!?! every thing feels wrong with me!
school fights? friends? bets friends? i think not
im breaking free. my own person no one can stop me now.
no one will stop me now.
so let it drop. drop. drop. into the black pit of nothingness, let it free fall.
i've forgoten about my cell phone. we not friends any longer.
no more texting. no more pain. no more rumors. no more being controlled.
just let it drop. let me drop, let me free fall, into my world.
the world you call a black pit of nothingness.
let me go. no more pain. no more worries.
can you please let me go?
free fall.
in the dark. closed off world you dont belong to.
you cant hurt me. i wont let you, break my heart any more.

The author's comments:
i wrote this with all kinds of relationships in mind. and after this i was in a really sad mood. my best friend made me cry. which is why another song is comming!!! XD rock on ppl!!!!

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Sania GOLD said...
on Dec. 21 2011 at 4:45 pm
Sania GOLD, Aroura, Colorado
14 articles 0 photos 14 comments
Thanks moonpetal ;)

on Jul. 20 2010 at 7:25 am
alaskatrailmutt, Jefferson, Maryland
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I like it it was really good! Hah hah,I hate gossip lammmmme. No really it was good.Kodos.

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