Heart on a Shelf

March 11, 2010
By xpoetdesiresx SILVER, Jamestown, Rhode Island
xpoetdesiresx SILVER, Jamestown, Rhode Island
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You set your heart high, it's resting on the shelf of my own,
And you build yourself up, cause I'm all that you've known.
And promises come out, because i can't let you down.
But in the bottom of my soul, i'm starting to drown.
Then you pick up the butterflies in my stomach and spin them around.
Now i'm spinning so fast, i can't touch the ground.
But every fight is thickening the mud that i'm sinking into,
Because the things that you said, you can never undo.
How can you save me, when you need to save yourself?
With every word you say, your heart is slipping off this shelf,
And i have your words burned in my brain and they're all i know.
So take me by the hand, please show me where to go.
Lead me back to you, because things are fading out..
And i'm starting to hear whispers, even when you shout.
But then i can feel your skin brush by my face,
And i can feel how the feelings of doubt start to get replaced.
And true feelings overcome any slight question mark on my heart,
Because i know what i want, and it's been you from the start.

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