March 2, 2010
By ItsJoseph GOLD, Caloocan, Other
ItsJoseph GOLD, Caloocan, Other
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Here i am
Trying to find the right notes to play,
Looking for words so i can say,
That this life of mine for you I'll lay.

So if i wrote you a song,
will you listen it won't take long.
If i play you my song,
will your heart sing along?
promise you I'll never leave,
as long we both live,
if i wrote you a song.

Tell me now
how can i trust someone like you?
they keep telling me your a playboy,
treating girls just like a toy.

Now that you've wrote a song,
I'll lend you this ears cause you said it ain't long.
Now as you play your song,
Tell me why my heart sings along,
singing quietly guess I'm shy,
giving me the feeling like i can fly,
Now that I've heard your song.

Like the sun without its sunlight,
not with you I'm out of reason to fight.
This ditty may have a bad melody,
but it's you that makes it lovely.

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