The Night Stars Didn't Shine So Bright

February 12, 2010
By PorcelainLover BRONZE, Greenville, North Carolina
PorcelainLover BRONZE, Greenville, North Carolina
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When the trees lay down to rest,
and the waves hit the ocean shore.
il be waiting by the open door,
but the wind may carry me away.

oh you, bought me a diamond with no band,
you said it would fit on my hand,
but the reins were let go,
and all thats left is my empty ego.
our horse and carriage waits for no one,
would you believe me if i said just hold on,
keep your eye on the road,
i wont ever let go.

when the sky opens its heart,
to swallow me whole.
youle remember that day,
as my pictures fade way.
youle call me a scrape,
that healed in two days.

yesterday i lost all faith,
i figured out you looked the other way.
you cant bear, it bags under my eyes.
cuz id been up praying all night.

on my knees with broken arms,
i will sing to you this song.
ive been drownin in my spit,
mister adams he aint been doin sh**.

you’d think after a week that i would see,
your not comin home it will be just me.
seven days of an endless love song,
please dont tell me it was all so wrong.

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