Tears Fall down

February 4, 2010
Cold air grips my arms, threatening to harm as it
Sends chill down my spine, so dark, my heart doesn’t shine
Tears fall from the sky, up so high
Tears fall down, breaking silence w/sound
Tears fall down, my pain is found

But u take it away, warming me w/everything u say
As time goes by, I miss u more w/every sigh
Memories of the past, hold me together, sanity will always last
Not a day goes by, that this happiness is a lie
Time doesn’t repeat, like pain and defeat
So stay by my side, as we take this ride
I’ll never let you go, I do you’ll know
But that won’t ever happen, I’d rather die,
and that won’t happen either so don’t cry

-Chorus (last two lines change):
Tears fall fast, causing silence with over cast
Tears fall fast, my pain won’t ever last

As long as you’re near enough, I can hear your voice
As long as nothing gets in the way, one day I’ll say (echo)
And as time flies by, you miss me more with every sigh.
I hope my love holds you together, gentle, light as a feather

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