Open Mausoleum (Lyrics)

February 3, 2010
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I see everything your doing
You speak they barely even listen
you scream and they don't even care
You have so much you need to say
so much you've seen.
When all you really need to do is
Run, Run away...
Why don't you let them know
everything you want to say!
It's like a fictional tale
and a horror story
watch the windows crack
and you walk through hell.
Let it all just die away,
let it die away.
Bleeding down the walls,
secrets bursting out your mind.
It's a house and a graveyard
in the making.
Everyone is a Dead Dead spirit
It's an open mausoleum.
I still recall when you told her
your nothing without my name on it.
I remember times you kept her quiet
as your cruel attempts of a verbal prison.
Care is something you never learned.
Love a four letter word to get what you wanted.
Knowing that you were wrong is just
what you never learned.
Just let it die away,
let it die away.
It was like a fictional tale
and a horror story
where windows all cracked
and I walked through hell.
So I could,
Run, Run, Run away
Run, Run, Run away
'Cause now nothing stands in the way.

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